About CENA

We are a catalyst for innovation in aviation.

As an advisory, research, and coordination institution, CENA develops innovative and sustainable concepts for the future of aviation. We aim to establish the aviation hub of Hessen as a pioneer for sustainability in the aviation industry. This is done through strategic concepts, research projects, model design and initiatives.

Our topics are transformation of the energy carrier, noise and environment protection and sustainable mobility, as well as networking and communication. We work on implementation-oriented solutions with airlines, airports, air traffic control, associations, scientific institutions, regulatory authorities and Hessen’s state government as well as companies in the tourism, logistics, mineral oil, chemical and energy industries.

The Competence Center officially began its work on January 1, 2020. CENA is run by by the state-owned economic development agency Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (HTAI).

Our philosophy

CENA is an innovator, a competent advisor and information broker.

CENA is looking for feasible solutions. Sustainable and cross-location concepts are in focus.

CENA is active in its subject areas, is technically up-to-date and communicates its statements and activities transparently.

CENA is integral, impartial, and fair towards all interest groups. CENA is open to new and creative ideas and suggestions.

CENA examines connections and backgrounds based on facts, data, studies and creates transparency with regard to all relevant topics.

CENA takes systemic approach and understands sustainability as a process of weighing up ecological, social, and economic aspects.

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