Topics of the Competence Centre

Our goal is to secure the future of sustainable aviation with innovative ideas. We therefore address a wide range of issues relating to sustainability, climate protection, and noise abatement on the ground and in the air.

What does "sustainablity" mean for CENA?

Economy, ecology, and society are the three aspects that define sustainability. This involves a process of weighing up the three aspects in a dialogue with the parties involved.

The economic aspect stands for efficiency in the use of raw materials and energy as well as responsibility of the actors in sustainable management.

The ecological aspect includes maintaining resilience of the ecosystems, i.e. the ability to maintain the basic organizational structure in the event of disruptions, as well as enabling material cycles through, among other things, the reuse of raw materials.

The social aspect means sufficiency-oriented consumption in adequate quantity and quality as well as social justice such as equalization and participation.

On the way to more sustainability, CENA finds balanced solutions that are acceptable to our partners.

What is the local framework for aviation in Hessen?

Air traffic is subject to international regulations and faces international competition. In addition, global connectivity makes air traffic vulnerable to crises. This means that aviation must be thought of in an comprehensive and systemic way.

As a global hub, Frankfurt Airport is of great economic importance for Hessen, Germany and Europe. It guarantees maximum connectivity and ensures regional value creation and tax revenue.

At the same time, noise pollution, climate impacts, pollutant emissions and a special tax status (e.g., lack of taxation on kerosene) contribute to a negative perception of air traffic in society. As a result, social pressure is increasing to make air traffic more sustainable. In this process, it is important to involve all companies - from engine and aircraft manufacturers to flight safety.

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