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Networking and communication

Network of interested actors

CENA is building a network of interested stakeholders, which aims to create synergies and realize effective projects. We act as an expert and mediator for political and economic discussions. To this end, we continuously organize expert workshops, symposia, and networking events where we bring together business, research, politics, and associations to discuss topics such as biomass-based aviation fuels or financing the market ramp-up of SAF.

Providing knowledge and information

An important goal of the Competence Center is to provide knowledge and information about sustainable air transport projects and ideas. CENA publishes studies, articles and summaries on these topics. In June 2022, a study was conducted and published with the collection of the current status on PtL: Overview and outlook regarding technologies for Power-to-Liquid production. January 2023 also saw the publication of the study CO2-neutral aviation: an innovative government instrument for the market ramp-up of Power-to-Liquid (PtL).

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