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Noise and environmental protection, sustainable mobility

In addition to the climate goals of aviation, there are other directly environmentally relevant topics. For example, the immediate vicinity of the airport is affected to a greater extent by aircraft noise. More than 1,400 take-offs and landings per day were counted in 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. This creates noise as a local immission that affects the environment. For this reason, studies on topics like “technical possibilities for reducing noise on aircraft” are carried out.

Airplanes also emit aerosols. There is still a great need for research, as their sources, transport, and effects have not yet been fully investigated.

The sustainable operation of the airport also plays a special role: emission-free ground traffic, energy efficiency, waste management. Together with partners, strategies are being developed to make airports climate-neutral and sustainable for the future. An essential element of sustainable mobility is the area of ​​intermodality of flight, rail and road at the airport transport hub.

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